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No Days Off: Our Pups Continue to do Amazing Things Even on National Dog Day

#NationalDogDay was this week, and we are still not over it. So in celebration, we are giving our furry friend the extra attention they deserve. 

Don’t our dogs deserve a day off from being superheroes? They’re so dedicated to us –– giving so much and asking for so little in return. Our furry friends in Southhampton, UK are just one example of pups on a mission to bring unconditional love and comfort to the local children’s hospital.The team of volunteer therapy dogs at SCH Therapy Dogs includes Archie, Quinn, Leo, Hattie, Jessie, and Milo.

Here they are looking as perfect as ever:


What you may not know is these dogs aren’t only available for meet and greet visits. No sir, they do much more than just that! Their visits include all types of animal-assisted, even intervention, even supporting kiddos during medical examination or procedures.

Here’s the patient and whimsical little Leo teaching us how to get an X-ray. Easy-peasy!

And just look at Jesse over here showing us how it’s done. “Sit back, relax, and hold mom’s hand! Everything’s gonna be okay.”

service dog
Jessie / Credit: @schtherapydogs

Be sure to check out these pretty goldens out on insta. Their photos are sure to make you smile.

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