We are a next-gen where people can engage in premium, compelling social cause stories and immediately participate in a call-to-action. We are on a mission to provide exposure and promote the message of organizations and people who are bringing about real change within their communities. Based in Los Angeles, CA, we are committed to showing the inspiring work of global nonprofits and socially conscious businesses to our viewers, and energizing our viewers to give back to these organizations, financially and in other ways. Often times the organizations we partner with do not have the funds to promote their  incredible work, so their work goes unrecognized and under-appreciated. At The Change You Want To See, it is our goal to promote these unsung heroes by partnering with brand sponsors and celebrities. We leverage the currency of celebrity to attract and build audiences on our platform. We facilitate celebrity – consumer brand partnerships to maximize marketing. And we use thoughtful storytelling through micro-documentaries and articles to highlight the organizations and individuals who are changing our world for the better.